Welcome to D Rock Grizzly!

Our mission is clear: to provide rock quarries and landowners with the highest quality rock grizzlies tailored to their specific needs. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding products that exceed expectations and contribute to the success of our customers’ operations.

Founded by Jeff Wagoner, a seasoned metal fabricator with 22 years of experience, D Rock Grizzly has been serving the rock quarry and landowner community since 2017. What began as a passion project quickly transformed into a thriving business, driven by our commitment to providing the highest quality rock grizzlies on the market.

Our journey started when two friends who owned a gravel pit approached Jeff to build a grizzly for their operations. After successfully completing their project, Jeff saw an opportunity to pursue his passion further. With limited resources but a determined spirit, he built the first official D Rock Grizzly in his dad’s pole barn and put it up for sale by his home. The response was immediate, as two additional orders came pouring in.

With each order fulfilled, Jeff paid back his friends and reinvested in the business. Year after year, our customer base grew steadily, demanding more of our exceptional grizzlies. Nights and weekends turned into full-time dedication, culminating in July 2022 when D Rock Grizzly became a full-time venture.

Throughout this journey, the support and collaboration of our team, friends, and family have been invaluable. Jeff’s wife has played a crucial role in managing the family and supporting the business, while friends and family stepped in to help fabricate and weld when an extra hand was needed. It truly has been a team effort.

Located in the shop adjacent to Jeff’s home since 2018, D Rock Grizzly has become a cornerstone of our local community. We take great pride in being a part of this community and are committed to its betterment. Our vision extends beyond being the leading grizzly manufacturer in all 50 states; we aim to create job opportunities and actively contribute to the improvement of our local area.

At D Rock Grizzly, we understand the importance of work-life balance and cherishing moments with our loved ones. In the summer, Jeff and his sons enjoy attending off-road truck races throughout the Midwest and exploring the great outdoors on family UTV rides. In the fall, they embark on hunting adventures for grouse and whitetail deer. And during the winter months, they relish in the thrill of snowmobiling and occasionally indulge in ice fishing on our local lake or take a family trip to an indoor water park for a fun-filled weekend.

Thank you for choosing D Rock Grizzly. Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to be the Number One grizzly manufacturer in all 50 states while making a positive impact in our local community.